When starting work as a trainee most of us can’t wait to get stuck into some ‘real work’ and put into practice what we’ve learnt at university and on the LPC. In reality, your role as a trainee will also involve other duties from organising social events to raising money for your local office charity; the role of a trainee is extremely varied.

Socialising is an important part of the Gateley culture and makes Gateley a great place to work. As a trainee you will become a member of the Social Club and help organise a whole host of social events. You will, together with the other trainees in your office, organise at least four social events per year: spring, summer, autumn and winter. No event you organise is ever the same and so far, I have helped organise pizza making, a ghost walk and a cocktail making event. The only thing that all events have in common is that we all get together in an informal setting to catch up and have some fun!

Another thing that all socials have in common is that we always try to incorporate a charity element with the aim of raising some monies for our local office charity. This can be anything from a raffle or a quiz to a cocktail making competition!

Sometimes you will help to organise firm-wide or regional social events. Last year the firm held a firm-wide Harry Potter inspired party which was the talk of the firm for months. In addition, every year the Midlands offices hold a rounders tournament in Birmingham, which is great fun. As a trainee your involvement in organising these events will range from organising the event itself, to arranging transport from your office to the event, or even acting as umpire for the matches. These social events are a great way to mingle and meet your fellow colleagues from the other offices, many of whom you may have worked with on a deal  and the social is a great chance to meet informally as well.

So, what is currently in the pipeline? At present, I’m organising our autumn social (Ping-Pong, Pizza, Prosecco, Puddings and Puzzles anyone?), which is due to take place in a couple of weeks whilst also planning the office Christmas party in December.

Being part of the Social Club is great as a trainee. Firstly, it’s an excellent way to get to know people in the office when you’re new to the firm. It is also a great platform to talk to people on a more informal basis and get to know everyone. Secondly, you will learn how to handle a budget, organise and manage events which, let’s face it, are strong transferable skills to have whether at work, or in life in general! In organising the events, you will also get yourself out into the market place, and  make some connections in the business community. Overall, the Social Club helps to contribute to the friendly culture Gateley is well known for, and assists in making Gateley a great place to work.

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